Hilgen House

by Len Voy

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Cathartic Self Discovery


released March 11, 2016

Produced, Mixed, Mastered: Nick Lanser, Gabe Larson

Acoustic Guitar, Lap Steel, Vox, Synth - Nick Lanser
Electric Guitar, Banjo, Vox - Max Laughner
Violin, Vox - Jake Brunquell
Vox-Emili Kinzel

Album Art: David Schnorr: davidschnorrdesign.com
Recorded: The Gallery, Penthaus Studios, UWM Black Box



all rights reserved


Len Voy Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Control
I looked into your eyes
We were fucked up, but it meant our lives
Your dimming walls are thin
The pleasure is free, now I see my insecurities.

Please, believe in me.
Track Name: Roses & Red Wine
The Melody is a Rose,
It comes and it goes,
The Rivers and the Roads,
A Fallen Petal in the Dark of the Night

To Feel Your Hand on Mine
The Rose was so divine
But in a Place so Fine
The Thorn Made me Bleed all Night
The Color of a Fine Red Wine

And when we were Younger
A Fallen bud from Below
I was playing in the Garden
We were blind, I didn't know
The Sun Shines on my Neck
November feels Alright
Just Searching for a Sign,
And the Taste of a Fine Red Wine

The Rose is all we know
The Ramblers aren't sure
The life Behind the Keyhole
Leaves a Poem Written a Lifetime ago

But that’s a Lifetime Ahead
Of Where I am now
The Sticks and the Stones left me Broken Somehow
Track Name: Story of a Sundown Town
It's three AM again, i'm driving through this night-time wonderland
and I'm a stranger, I'm a failure or, anything at all.

And as i'm looking through this frozen skylight glimmer,
I'm a winner, I'm a sinner or, anything at all.
I was gone behind a made up silver lining,
and the whining, and the crying, was just enough for me,
to leave.

Escaping swiftly through the mangled, eaten forest, I was lost in my own ways. I was pulling my own chain into the brush.
I was convinced, and all this useless shit was force fed to us for years, and years to come.

And oh, its a crazy life
Snows decaying beneath the roding beachwood walk
and they teach you of this madness
to a boy no older, not a day more than seventeen
Track Name: Honest Song
You walk out the door,
I won't see you until tomorrow,
My heart fills with sorrow, for it won't be long

Rolling river, near the paths we use to walk.
The late nights we use to talk, are coming to end
For it won't be long.

Two years, never felt so far.
These two weeks are bound to pass,
They're bound to pass.

The starry nights, above our head we'd watch
Your hand in mine as we'd cross these city streets,
but it won't be long, for an honest song.

Two years, never felt so far.
and these two weeks are bound to pass.
They're bound to pass.
Track Name: Words
Anna go, whisper your phrases of Poe, whisper under the night.
There's a driver eating edibles in the front seat, a daughter dressed in white.
Your son is smoking cigarettes, losing sleep with the thought of any boy.
Our future is uncertain, just searching for something more.

Your action, reaction, contraction of you fist.
And you question the devastation, unconscious in the backseat of a Ford Crown Vic.

It's just words, but sometimes the words will do just it.

Your jack & coke whispering phrases of poetry beneath the leaves
Your abusing your medication, lying motionless beneath your favorite White Oak tree.

Searching for your savior, to sweep you right off your feet.
Confusing your reality for Cinderella's dreams.

It's just words
Track Name: Misalliance
Come on in babe, its cold outside, its freezing.
You say the coldest part in your heart is where i've touched you so.
But please don't go, please don't go, I miss you.
Left my heart on the window sill, and I'm on my way.

And I know by morning, I won't be a god-damn thing to you.
And on that morning, the sun won't be shining as true.
What if I told you that one year from now, you would get married
What if I told you one year ago that I loved you so
that I loved you so.

Don't dress it up, don't dress it up at all.
You were my world
You don't call me, yeah.
And you were my girl.

And I know your nights are often weeping.
In the coldest nights, the coldest night et al.
It isn't heart that makes you honor your beginning
Its not the heart we shared that holds the keys to your western world

And I know by morning, I won't be a god-damn thing to you.
And on that morning, the sun won't be shining as true.
What if I told you that one year from now, you would get married
What if I told you one year ago that I loved you so
that I loved you so.
Track Name: Company of Trees & Fire
Oh Milwaukee, you seem so far
the cities, I don't know where you are, near or far.

From September through November
the moonlight shines on down like you never knew before.

If you want to come by me, you can come and find me by the campfire north of the road.
laying in the leaves with a blanket of stars overheard

And the wind blows to the trees, but don't get mad at stories that were told through the breeze.
I use my mind for sometime, to rid myself these demons if only for a while

If you want to come by me, you can come and find me, sitting neath the moon lit night
thinking about how everything is going to be just fine.
and if you want to come by me, you can sit here by me with the comfort of the trees and fire.
Needing nothing of the world besides for nature by our sides.
Track Name: Heartbreak & Hum
I'm days away,
I have no say in this place anymore
Its no more, than a heartbreak and hum.

Your picture is on the wall,
the memories flash back at me like the shoreline,
and just like a tide, they always come back.

I'm days away from being home with you in that place.
Its no more, than a place to hide our fears.
And all the nights we held out for, just to find we had no more to give,
in the end, until I find myself instead.

Forget the thoughts we thought we'd know,
forget false comforts from unknowns,
forget the fact that i'd lie awake,
with every step that you would take.

Forget that I ever called it love, from the comfort of my home.
We've heard it all before.
Track Name: Faster than the Wind
I opened up the door
Set my bag on the counter
I looked out at the window
she was standing there

I opened up the window
I went back to call her name
but when I went to find her
she was faster than the wind
Faster than the wind.

Tweaking in the backseat
My eyes were lost in stare
While she was off in Ames
9th & Water I was scared

Reminds me of December
When the air was cold and dry
It gives me chills to think about her
Up my feet and down my spine

And when she tried to find me
I was lost in my mind
these towns they aren't the same
the country gave no signs
Back then I was young
I had so much to learn
But hit took me too long to learn
Milwaukee far from here

I was weak and weary
beaten and broken down
at last i found my story
in shattered pieces in the ground

and when i return with two feet on the ground
i'll tear off these shackles that abstained to this ground
and i'll stomp up the front way, where you left me more than once
the great emancipator, with an audience of one
An audience of one